Southwark Foodbank COVID-19 Appeal

Southwark Foodbank COVID-19 Appeal


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The Southwark Foodbank is appealing for support as we continue to run our foodbank services for people who need it. 

From April - September 2020, the Southwark Foodbank supported 11,064 people, nearly double the number of people we supported in the whole of last year. We anticipate that the Christmas and winter will be difficult fro many people and we are working hard to continue supporting everyone who comes to our service as well as we can.

We are adapting our service with the current uncertain climate and the changing needs and circumstances around COVID-19. The people who will have been hit hardest by this pandemic are those who are vulnerable to food insecurity already. The impact of the outbreak on the economy is felt most by those we regularly support and the charity that hosts us. 

Help us by donating money to keep our centers running and our service accesible to those who need to use a foodbank. 

Southwark Foodbank is hosted by Pecan, a local community charity in Southwark.

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First donation made!
First donation made!

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